Kimberley Maunder – Visual Social Semiotics

  Photographer: Brandon Stantion – Humans of New York Year: 2015 Title: I wish I’d partied a little less Image size: 996 × 664 Source Context: This image was taken by the photographer for popular blog, Humans of New York. This image features a quote from the woman in the image which reads “I wish I’d partied a little less….

Sebastien Connole – Visual Social Semiotics

1 – Hill of Crosses Context This photograph by Hideki Mizuta was presented as a finalist for the National Geographic photo contest of 2015. It features a young girl running through a place known as the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. The narrative function of this image is nontransactive for the young girl (actor) is…

Eric Jung – Visual Social Semiotic – Week.5

-Visual Social Semiotic Analysis-     DATE: 22/08/2016 TOPIC & RELEVANT LECTURE: Visual Social Semiotic / Week 5 CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION ARTIST: Jimmy Nelsson TITLE: Yakim, Brigade 2 YEAR OF CREATION: 2011 TECHNIQUE, MATERIAL: Photography IMAGE URL / ORIGIN:                                  …

ERIC JUNG – Semiotic Analysis – Week.4

-Semiotic Analysis-   DATE: 15/08/2016 TOPIC & RELEVANT LECTURE: Semiotic / Week 4 CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION ARTIST: Chris Gotz TITLE: Volkswagen Golf R: Terminal Velocity YEAR OF CREATION: 2014 TECHNIQUE, MATERIAL: Photography (photo edited) IMAGE URL / ORIGIN:                                        …

Kimberley Maunder – Semiotics

The two images for this Semiotic Analysis were chosen based on their similar field. Both are advertisements for USB sicks in where the advertisement is illustrating the large amount of space which can be utilised within the USB.

Group Definition of Visual Social Semiotics

Visual social semiotics studies the implied relations between viewers of images and people, places or things in images, by analysing signs that are usually culturally or socially constructed for communication purposes. This analytical field interprets the viewer’s reaction towards an image. It looks to understand the tools employed by an image to efficiently communicate an idea….

Erin Craig – Semiotics

Every Leaf Traps CO2 was illustrated by Lorenzo Duran and Nadine Hoenow, and was part of a creative print advertisement campaign in 2012 that aimed to raise awareness within the public about the importance of planting new trees in order to control air pollution. From a denotive perspective, this image depicts a tree leaf that has…

Sebastien Connole – Semiotics

I – WWF Context This is an advertisement was designed for the WWF by DDB&CO in 2010, it’s goal was to raise awareness for endangered marine species, in particular sharks.     In this image produced by the WWF there are many interesting elements to analyse using semiotic theory. To begin with the text has…

Group Definition of Semiotics

Semiotics reveals the hidden message of an image. It can be considered as an underlying meaning which stands beyond what is already there. This theory of interpretation analyses how the image creates meaning and which specific signs are utilised to draw an underlying communication between artist and viewer.

Erin Craig – Compositional Interpretation (Moving Image Series)

This sequence was taken from Tim Miller’s 2016 movie Deadpool. The scene depicts the dramatic walking sequence where the characters are heading to fight Francis, the man who ruined deadpool’s life and kidnapped his wife. This film uses a screen ratio of 2.35:1, and to prevent the viewer’s attention transferring from the focal character to the…