Erin Craig – Compositional Interpretation (Moving Image Series)

Deadpool. Tim Millar. 2016. Movie (Clip of Movie)


This sequence was taken from Tim Miller’s 2016 movie Deadpool. The scene depicts the dramatic walking sequence where the characters are heading to fight Francis, the man who ruined deadpool’s life and kidnapped his wife.

This film uses a screen ratio of 2.35:1, and to prevent the viewer’s attention transferring from the focal character to the background periphery in close-up shots, it artfully blurs the background. The scene features a dynamic walking sequence that is created by the changes in shot distance and camera angles. Subtle tracking with fast, unmarked jump cuts are used to create a dynamic and rhythmic walking sequence, with the shots just long enough for the viewer to get their bearings before they change. Additionally, the deep focus of the shot allows the viewer to see how far the actors have walked. And the use of an open screen frame where the actors’ eyes are all looking forward, illustrates their confidence and focus on the task ahead. Finally, the strong beat of the background music adds an extra edge to the sequence and helps set the tone.



Tim Miller. 2016. “Deadpool (2016): Walking Scene (X Gon Give It To Ya)”. YouTube video, posted May 7. Accessed August 6, 2016.


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