Eric Jung – Visual Social Semiotic – Week.5

-Visual Social Semiotic Analysis-



DATE: 22/08/2016
TOPIC & RELEVANT LECTURE: Visual Social Semiotic / Week 5


ARTIST: Jimmy Nelsson
TITLE: Yakim, Brigade 2
IMAGE URL / ORIGIN:                                                                             






The nenet man is looking directly at the camera which demands viewers to have imaginary contact with the person in the image. Equal eye level, Direct eye contact, Frontality and close-up framing of the face helps to create an intimate imaginary relationship and viewer involvement.

By framing their clothing, skin condition in the image act as signifier which emphasis the extreme weather condition that this person is in, and the calm facial expression shows that the person is adapted to the environment.

by having close up shot of the person without the background, it eliminates visual distraction and allows viewers to focus on focal point. White fur and dark skin tone (contrast of colour) creates visual disconnection which works great to direct viewer’s attention toward the nenet mans face that allows viewers to feel and see the emotions of the person which photographer intended to do. Overall the image showed the part of their life and culture well to the viewers.




DATE: 22/08/2016
TOPIC & RELEVANT LECTURE: Visual Social Semiotic / Week 5


ARTIST: Yousuf Karsh
TITLE: Grace Kelly Portrait
IMAGE URL / ORIGIN:                                                                               






The photographer claims the purpose with this image is to present the viewer with an intimate and compassionate view of humanity.(by taking photograph of famous people)

The Grace Kelly is the main focal point acting as a signifier for wealth and luxury. She is looking at the goal outside the frame and have confident facial expression while she is looking slightly down upon the goal from a position of power. The high modality image that shows the unedited beauty and luxury clothing show the different social position/ status of the person.

From this high modality image, clothing, jewellery, angle of the head(facing up), calm face expression and Point of view (looking down at the goal) emphasised the wealth, power and the different social position of the person. By showing person with such beauty, different social position and power, this successfully shown  the intended meaning that photographer was intended to show. (viewer to see intimate, compassionate view of humanity and how great we are as same human being)




The first image has a higher modality in contrast to Grace Kelly portrait.
The first image is more powerful in communicating the intended meaning by having close shot which creates intimacy and social connection than the second photo, where subject is looking out of the frame that causes the viewer to feel less socially connected.

The  first image was photographed in a natural environment with the natural light which makes viewers feel more real and socially connected, but second image Grace Kelly’s pose and body language are rigid and unnatural, and use of artificial set up such as lighting, and unusual expensive clothing makes the viewer feel more socially disconnected.

If the purpose of the second image was not explained by the photographer in his statement, viewers would not be able to understand the intended meaning behind this photo and probably see this image as just a picture of a famous person.



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